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Residential Projects



Client requested Satin White Aluminium Shutters with 115mm blade be installed internally, to provide good blockout while still maintaining the beautiful views.   An Aluminium Slider was also requested with ‘built-in’ fly-screen, allowing the client to open their French doors, and still maintain the maximum air-flow while keeping the bugs from flying in during the summer months.


Orange Grove

Client requested an aesthetic look, that maximised their privacy without affecting the outstanding view.  Vertical exterior 115mm Blade Aluminium Shutters were installed, to maintain the privacy and view,  while 90mm Blade Shutters were fitted internally to camouflage old existing mission brown windows.  This saved our client from replacing the entire window system.  The internal shutters were installed using the Track Fit System, this allowed the Aluminium Shutters to be fitted up to 1500mm wide and hence giving the feeling and appearance of open plan.


Bar Beach

Client requested maximum view be maintained, whilst still protecting from the harsh elements, but allowing airflow.  Exterior 115mm operable Blade shutters were set into a fixed frame.  They were finished in natural anodised (20 microns) to give maximum longevity to the product considering the closeness to the ocean.



Client required a privacy screen with option of allowing maximum view when so desired.  External 115mm Blade Horizontal Natural Anodised Shutters (to a minimum of 20 microns to comply with Australian Standard AS1231-2000)  were  installed.  This property also had Glass Louvre’s fitted, thus not encroaching on the  views, but still allowing airflow and total privacy.   This is a prime example of an Exterior Shutter coming into their own where they are the perfect partner to Glass Louvre’s.



This client was so impressed with the first installation, they have since had 3 stages done.

  1. Internal fixed 115mm blade finished in ‘precious silver pearl” powder coat.  The client requested a ‘room divider’ with the ability to open and close for privacy at their discretion.
  2. External Sliders were fitted onto an existing Balustrade, which enabled the client to have maximum privacy with the ability to slide left or right depending on the preference at the time.
  3. Internally fitted 90mm Blade Shutters were fitted in the Kitchen, This gave the aesthetic look the client was after.  They were installed using The Track Fit System, which is the perfect option for concrete square set reveals, as no joinery is required.


Horsefield Bay

Client required the ability to open sliding windows through the open blades of the Shutter.  Internal Semi-Fixed Shutters 90mm Blade were installed and finished in ‘satin white’.  These can be easily lifted out for cleaning of windows and window sills, and also give you the ability to have shutter fitted up to 1500mm, without the extra stiles up the middle of the window, thus giving you a great open look and feel.


Horsefield Bay

The client’s request was for the ‘back deck’ to be fully enclosed and totally lockable for security purposes and to ensure young children were safe from the water’s edge.  Fixed and Open Slider Shutter’s were installed with 115mm Blades finished in Alabaster (White Burch) fitted with ‘Style’ locks.  This effectively gave the family an extra room with an Alfresco feel to it, that was protected from the elements, while still harvesting and maintaining the outdoor surroundings, by not encroaching on their magnificent views.



Client was insistent that there be NO tracking on the floor, so Rick developed a Top Hung Slider.  Internal fitted Top Hung Sliding System with 90mm Blade finished in ‘Satin White’ was installed.  This system uses German hardware, with Nylon Rollers and Stainless Steel Bearings, which guarantee years of trouble free sliding.  This system is perfect when the floor is carpeted, and you don’t want a track at the bottom.



Client initially required ‘Cedar Shutters’, but after consultation with Rick, they decided to go with Exterior ‘Dark Cedar Look’ Aluminium with 90mm blade.  The final outcome was fabulous and the client was extremely happy, as he achieved the  look he was after, without the ongoing maintenance associated with exterior cedar.


Killarney Vale

The client wanted to create an extra living area, with the ability of an indoor/outdoor feel to it.  115mm Blade Aluminium Shutters were fitted down the side of the existing deck, giving protection from the elements along with complete privacy.    Fixed Track Fit, Operable Louvers were fitted at the lower section while a Bi-fold System was fitted on the upper section,  to enclose the outdoor Jacuzzi . This ultimately gave them the option of  having the room fully enclosed and protected, or fully open with doors stacked to one side whilst  still providing complete privacy.



The client was experiencing  air flow problems into the Main Bedroom which had Glass Sliding Doors leading onto a balcony.  On Rick’s  advise  90mm Blade Exterior Aluminium Shutters, finished in Light Cedar were fitted to existing timber work.  This effectively gave them an extra room while also creating privacy and eliminating the air-flow issues.


St Huberts Island

This client requested a partition between the Bedroom and Ensuite, and was initially unsure as to which system would suit them and their lifestyle best.  While wanting to partition the area, an open feel was still sort after also.  After consultation with Rick, it was decided Aluminium Shutters would be the best option.  90mm Blade Aluminium, finished in “Gloss White” were chosen due to the fact Aluminium is the perfect partner for wet area’s and will give increased longevity.



The builder of this project contacted us and  requested “Shading Solutions” come-up with an option that would allow the owners complete privacy while maintaining the fabulous views.  Rick advised the most  effective way would be to go with 115mm Blade, Vertical Aluminium Shutters.  They were finished in a Natural Anodised (20 microns) which complies to the Australian Standards.



This was a display home at Kellyville.  The internal walls had openings (cut-outs) to give an open plan feel – but needed something to look finished  off.  A Bi-fold Aluminium Shutter System with 90mm blades was chosen which became the perfect solution.  The shutters could be either folded back for the openness, or closed up to divide the rooms and give privacy when required.



This job used Aluminium 90mm Blade Shutters and also a Cedar Fan Arch with 90mm Blade, both being finished in Alabaster.  Fan Arch’s are a great option for covering Arched windows.  In this particular case, the room was a Nursery and required control of light and airflow.


Point Frederick

This client has used ‘Shading Solutions’ in the past at their previous residence. This was a new Home, built on the water at Point Frederick, and required a few different installation methods.  The main bedroom and Dinning area required Hinged Aluminium Shutters with 90mm blades, finished in Satin White.  The kitchen and bathroom needed Closed Sliding Aluminium Shutters, with 90mm blades also finished in Satin White.  The main benefit of using the sliding system,  is it allows coverage to a wider span (up to 1500mm) as opposed to using timber.


Shelley Beach

This client required Exterior Aluminium Shutters that had an anodised frame, with Dark Cedar Timber look, 115mm Blades .  These were installed using an External Bracket and Track System, that was attached to the existing building.   The windows faced due west, and required protection from the harsh summer sun, so this system was ideal in allowing the window to be left open to provide air flow, whilst retaining total privacy and blocking out the direct sun.



This job required a Vertical External 115mm Aluminium Blade, to be fitted.  The request was initially to blockout the neighbours, but keep the view.   Rick then suggested going with the vertical system, which worked perfectly at this home allowing  maximum views, whilst maintaining maximum privacy.



This client had a major issue with the afternoon sun in an outdoor area, hence Exterior Aluminium Horizontal Blade Shutters were used with 115mm Blade, finished in Satin White.  Ultimately, this gave the Cabana a ‘tropical feel’ and gave the client an area that was fully functional all-year-round.



Shading Solutions acquired this job, through tender with a well known local Architect.  The job was for a boundary fence to be erected, giving the owner security and privacy.  The client requested a Vertical 90mm Aluminium Fixed Blade, finished in Satin Black, framed with Hardwood timber set into stone pillars.  The outcome was fantastic and became a feature wall surrounding the property.


Point Frederick

Upon initial request the client wanted a few shutters installed, and some blinds.  After stage 1 was completed, she then decided to put Plantation Shutters instead of venetian blinds.  The kitchen area had wonderful views, so Translucent (light filtering) Chain Roller Blinds were installed.  This gave the area a nice light, open feeling and also gave the ability to have privacy in the evenings.


Orange Grove

Initially retractable venetians were planned for this exterior deck, but after consultation with Rick, it was decided Aluminium 115mm Closed Sliding Shutters be installed.  This ultimately gave the client a fully functional area in any weather condition, and allowed them to use the deck 24/7 all-year-round without obstructing their excellent views of the waterways.



The clients  initial request was for the lounge and dining room’s to be fitted with Internal 90mm Blade Aluminium Shutters in ‘Satin White’.   There were also 7 Arch Windows in the entertaining area that the client presumed would have to be left bare.  But, upon consultation with Rick, the problem was resolved and it was decided  that  Aluminium Shutters be fitted  at the bottom part of the window, and Cedar Fan Arch at the top.  This then gave a once un-usable room (due to the direct sun) a fully functional new lease of life.



The client ultimately wanted a modern look while maintaining maximum view, protection from the harsh elements and allowing airflow.  We manufactured and installed Internal Shutters 90mm Blade in white and 90mm slider room dividers in Monument Grey, an Operable Roof System 200mm Annondised Blades, External Louvres 115mm Annondised Blades, Motorised Gate in Monument Grey 90mm Fixed Blade, Privacy Screen and Blinds.  This house since completion has received numerous awards,   MBA 2011 Excellence Awards and and 2011 HIA-CSR Hunter Housing Awards.