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Commercial Projects

Umina Beach Surf Club

Shading Solutions worked very closely with Umina Surf Club on the manufacturing and installation of Horizontal Flat 90mm Fixed Blade.  There were a few reasons why this had to be done.  Firstly, the windows needed protection from vandals that were frequenting the area.  Secondly, the new club had just been built and some form of shading was required.  The Horizontal Fixed Blades were the ideal solution giving the club the sleek, modern  aesthetic look they were after, while also providing security and shade.



Shading Solutions were approached by the Architect of this property, to solve a couple of issues namely privacy and protection from the elements.  Firstly, the privacy issue was on the ground floor, Rick came up with the solution to manufacture and install Aluminium 150mm Vertical Operable Blade shutters.  This ultimately gave the ability to alter the angle at which the blades are set for maximum privacy, without loosing all the natural light.  The second issue was on the top floor BBQ area.  This area was unusable in the wind and/or rain, so shading solutions suggested an Aluminium 300mm Vertical Blade that could be set at various angles.  This provided the client with  a fully functional entertainment  area that can be used all-year-round, in any weather conditions.  All of the Aluminium was finished in Natural Anodised (to a minimum of 20 microns to comply with Australian Standard AS1231-2000).


Breakfast Point

Shading Solutions were  chosen for this job over several other tenders, due to their problem solving abilities.  We were contracted to manufacture and install all of the Aluminium fixed Louvre’s on this site.  The building had numerous areas to be covered, including the eaves and Main Roof area where the Air Conditioning Turrets were.  There needed to be removable systems installed so that periodic maintenance could be carried out.


Beauty Salon

This Beauty Studio required a room divider maximising the privacy when needed while maintaining airflow and natural light.  Due to the fact it was a relatively small room,  the 90mm Aluminium Shutters gave the room a feeling of openness.  This project also had internally fitted Aluminium shutters attached to the windows, giving great natural light when required.